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Cleaning Leather on Furniture

Beat up the whites of three eggs carefully and use a piece of flannel to rub it well into the leather which will become clean and lustrous. For black leathers, some lampblack may be added and the mixture applied in the same way.
The Boy Mechanic, Volume 1

Ham and Eggs and Social Security


Social Security History. Masthead from the National Ham and Eggs newspaper. In this issue, the group was promoting its recall drive against California governor Culbert Olson because in their view he had not honored his pre-election promise to support the pension scheme.

From Wikipedia: Ham and Eggs Movement: The Ham and Eggs movement was an old-age pension movement in California during the 1930s. It was founded by Robert Noble, a controversial radio personality, and Willis Allen. The Ham and Eggs lobby wanted a massive state pension apparatus and inundated the State Legislature with mail. At one time, their movement had almost one million members. However, their movement was narrowly defeated in an initiative election in 1938.

Robert Noble was later arrested on charges of pro-Nazism during World War II. Willis and Lawrence Allen, brothers who owned a radio station south of the Mexican border, took over the movement. The brothers’ adviser and spokeswoman was Gertrude Coogan, an investment counselor. They were proponents of proposition 25, 1938, which was the idea of Irving Fisher.

…anyone qualified to vote in California and aged fifty or older without a job would receive $30 of “warrants” every week. Each $1 warrant would require a two-cent tax paid weekly to keep the note valid until redeemed. The warrants would be legal tender for payment of state taxes.

It was assumed that to avoid paying the weekly taxes on the money, the tender would be spent immediately, thus boosting the depressed economy. A cited example was the opportunity to trade up in foodstuffs from breakfast oatmeal to ham and eggs, hence the name “Ham and Eggs Movement.”

Mary Jane Gulliver implicated in infamous experiment


Figure 65: Jamet Brayer uses the multiracial peeping tommy gun (a) to observe the effects of heat on the egg out of which Mary Jane Gulliver is struggling to hatch.  The kosher calorimeter (b) is attached to the tommy gun by the caspasian umbilicus (c). A handscrew (d) allows Jamet to hone in on Mary Jane’s delicate condition.

The CollegiansMary Jane’s tentative identification.


How they apparelled Gargantua

As for the rings which his father would have him to wear, to renew the ancient
mark of nobility, he had on the forefinger of his left hand a carbuncle as
big as an ostrich’s egg, enchased very daintily in gold of the fineness of a
Turkey seraph.

—Chapter 1.VIII.