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  • Many Ways for Cooking Eggs

    By Mrs. S.T. Rorer Eggs Buckingham Allow one egg to each person that is to be served. Cut either a dry or a Virginia ham into very thin slices; allow one thin square to each person. Toast squares of bread, remove the crust. Broil the ham quickly; put each square of ham on a square […]

  • Of Peas and Ham cum Commento

    Mr. Hamstead, in the 8th Volume of his useful Collections, tells us, the vessels were very good made at Fulham, but all flat, the Difficulty in making a hollow Dish was thought insuperable, because it must be burnt to that Degree, that the Heat of the Fire made the Sides fall: But this ingenious Christian […]

  • Corn-fed Hogs

    Corn-fed hogs. Sweet. Tender. Juicy. Delicious flavor. Unequaled uniform size. Short cut. Close trim. Economical. Hall, Luhrs & Co. Sacramento.

  • Superior’s Fully Cooked Ham

    Like Daisy Mae, you’ll discover there’s no fuss to even the fanciest dinners when you serve Superior Ham.

  • Ham Radio

    Some of the old ham radio operators grew up on cat’s whiskers and geranium. On a winter’s  night they would pick up Siberia on the second bounce. Those Ruskies were tuned in during the original Cold War. 

  • Stink and a hay

    I’ll seer yr bacon, and raise you a stink and a hay. A bona dea keeps the anchor awake. Yes we have no null modems. I’d like you to meet my niche. Suckle me choppers at Pa’s moll and pick a peck of pox malt, apocryphal of rye. Ask me no algebra and I tell […]

  • Head cheese

    Head cheese or brawn is a cold cut that originated in Europe and should have stayed there. A version pickled with vinegar is known as souse. Head cheese is not a cheese but a terrine or meat jelly made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig (sometimes a sheep or cow), and […]

  • Moth-proofing Ham

    Method of curing hams and Puteolan ofella [Supposed to be the same as the offulae carnis, lumps of salted pork, mentioned by Columella (XII, 55, 4)]. You should salt hams in the following manner, in a jar or large pot: When you have bought the hams cut off the hocks. Allow a half-modius of ground […]

  • Balloons, Airships, and Flying Machines

    By Gertrude Bacon 1905 The Authoress, her Father, and Mr. Spencer making an Ascent. Such strength a man has never possessed, or can ever hope to; but even as it is, by long practice and great effort, men have succeeded at different times, not exactly in flying, but in helping themselves along considerably by means […]

  • War hero receives medal of honor

    War hero receives medal of honor for sending cruise missile against cave men. “The launch button was stuck so I hit it with a hammer,” he recalls. “You know how dangerous that is? More dangerous than running with scissors.” The Taliban say they have recovered 160 mutilated bodies from Kadam village after it was completely […]