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  • Antiquities and Rarities of several sorts

    Among those collected by Sir Thomas Browne: Number 9. An Etiudros Alberti or Stone that is apt to be always moist: usefull unto drie tempers, and to be held in the hand in Fevers instead of Crystal, Eggs, Limmons, Cucumbers. Number 11. A neat painted and gilded Cup made out of the Confiti di Tivoli…

  • Many Ways for Cooking Eggs

    By Mrs. S.T. Rorer Eggs Buckingham Allow one egg to each person that is to be served. Cut either a dry or a Virginia ham into very thin slices; allow one thin square to each person. Toast squares of bread, remove the crust. Broil the ham quickly; put each square of ham on a square…

  • Antiquities and Rarities of several sorts

    3.8. A large Ostridges Egg, whereon is neatly and fully wrought that famous Battel of Alcazar, in which three Kings lost their lives. Sir Thomas Browne. Musæum Clausum, 1684 Musæum Clausum, or, Bibliotheca Abscondita: Containing Some remarkable Books, Antiquities, Pictures and Rarities of several kinds, scarce or never seen. According to John Polemon’s Description of…

  • The Hard Problem of Breakfast

    Nautilus: The stubborn fact remains that, no matter how deeply we probe into the nature of bacon, eggs, oatmeal, and avocado toast—to say nothing of shakshuka, grits, bear claws, or dim sum—or the interactions between these fundamental building blocks and, say, orange juice or coffee and the morning paper, we simply have no convincing theory…

  • Intact egg recovered at Berryfields

    Oxford Archaeology’s excavation at Berryfields uncovered a wealth of evidence for Iron Age and Roman occupation at the site. They found a waterlogged pit containing what are thought to be votive deposits. Among those finds were four chicken eggs, one of which was extracted intact, making it the only complete Roman-era egg known in Britain.

  • Bacon and Egg

    Sir Nathaniel Baconby Sir Nathaniel Baconoil on panel, feigned oval, circa 1625 Augustus Leopold Eggby Thomas Oldham Barlowmixed method engraving, circa 1865

  • Sanchuniathon

    Sanchuniathon’s creation arose out of mist and chaos, eventually generating something called mot, from which in time came intelligent life, initially in the form of egg-shaped beings called Zophasemin. 

  • Not Worth an Egg

    [I]t is uniformly when parties have run highest and the strife has been deadliest that people have been most forward to stake their existence and every thing belonging to them, on some unintelligible dogma or article of an old-fashioned creed. Half the wars and fightings, martyrdoms, persecutions, feuds, antipathies, heartburnings in the world have been…

  • Poultry farmer from Shorpy

    December 1940. “Mrs. Richard Carter, poultry farmer of Middleboro, Massachusetts. She runs the business of one thousand poulets while her husband drives a bulldozer at an Army camp nearby.” Acetate negative by Jack Delano for the Farm Security Administration. Via Shorpy.

  • The Egg Dance

    The egg dance was a traditional Easter game involving the laying down of eggs on the ground and dancing among them whilst trying to break as few as possible. Another variation (depicted in many of the images featured here) involved tipping an egg from a bowl, and then trying to flip the bowl over on…