Okay, Ham and Eggs

  • Radio Sky

    Sense with the pineal gland retrograde motion full-spectrum dominance HAM gammon colefium, colepium, succidia, sucidia, kalumnia, calumnia jambon au four

  • The descent of the oracles

    Dust jacket. A dead letter. Moto goes modern. Soviet sailor is not go to sea to see the world, but go to sea to bury the vcr.  Nuclear Fuel. The chief of the port spoke against permitting the ship to enter his harbor, declaring, “We still do not have radiation-monitoring equipment, decontaminating solutions, or special…

  • Antiquities and Rarities of several sorts

    Among those collected by Sir Thomas Browne: Number 9. An Etiudros Alberti or Stone that is apt to be always moist: usefull unto drie tempers, and to be held in the hand in Fevers instead of Crystal, Eggs, Limmons, Cucumbers. Number 11. A neat painted and gilded Cup made out of the Confiti di Tivoli…

  • OKMNX Trademark Information

    Old Reliable Cartridge Co., Inc., Wisconsin · United States Primary Class: industrial oils and greases; lubricants; dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions; fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants; candles, wicks. DEAD/REGISTRATION/Cancelled/InvalidatedThe trademark application was registered, but subsequently it was cancelled or invalidated and removed from the registry.

  • OKMNX — by Mel Blanc

    Listen at Archive.orgCapitol Records ‎– F1727Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPMReleased: July 1951 TracklistA Ten Little Bottles In The Sink Written-By – Bud Green, Jesse GreerB Okmnx Written-By – Mel Blanc Mel Blanc With Billy May And His Orchestra ‎– Ten Little Bottles In The Sink / OKMNX

  • The Brotherhood of Billy Goats

    The Secret and Mysterious Order of the Brotherhood of Billy Goats. 20,000,000 Strong from Coast to CoastBernard Google, Exalted Angora This card is as a pearl without price. Guard it as you would your life. It entitles you to crash the sanctum sanctorum of each and every Billy Goat Lodge throughout the civilized world. Flash…

  • Many Ways for Cooking Eggs

    By Mrs. S.T. Rorer Eggs Buckingham Allow one egg to each person that is to be served. Cut either a dry or a Virginia ham into very thin slices; allow one thin square to each person. Toast squares of bread, remove the crust. Broil the ham quickly; put each square of ham on a square…

  • Of Peas and Ham cum Commento

    Mr. Hamstead, in the 8th Volume of his useful Collections, tells us, the vessels were very good made at Fulham, but all flat, the Difficulty in making a hollow Dish was thought insuperable, because it must be burnt to that Degree, that the Heat of the Fire made the Sides fall: But this ingenious Christian…

  • Antiquities and Rarities of several sorts

    3.8. A large Ostridges Egg, whereon is neatly and fully wrought that famous Battel of Alcazar, in which three Kings lost their lives. Sir Thomas Browne. Musæum Clausum, 1684 Musæum Clausum, or, Bibliotheca Abscondita: Containing Some remarkable Books, Antiquities, Pictures and Rarities of several kinds, scarce or never seen. According to John Polemon’s Description of…

  • Corn-fed Hogs

    Corn-fed hogs. Sweet. Tender. Juicy. Delicious flavor. Unequaled uniform size. Short cut. Close trim. Economical. Hall, Luhrs & Co. Sacramento.