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Mary Jane Gulliver implicated in infamous experiment


Figure 65: Jamet Brayer uses the multiracial peeping tommy gun (a) to observe the effects of heat on the egg out of which Mary Jane Gulliver is struggling to hatch.  The kosher calorimeter (b) is attached to the tommy gun by the caspasian umbilicus (c). A handscrew (d) allows Jamet to hone in on Mary Jane’s delicate condition.

The CollegiansMary Jane’s tentative identification.


How they apparelled Gargantua

As for the rings which his father would have him to wear, to renew the ancient
mark of nobility, he had on the forefinger of his left hand a carbuncle as
big as an ostrich’s egg, enchased very daintily in gold of the fineness of a
Turkey seraph.

—Chapter 1.VIII.

The Antidoted Fanfreluches

Juno was born, who, under the rainbow,
Was a-bird-catching with her duck below:
When her with such a grievous trick they plied
That she had almost been bethwacked by it.
The bargain was, that, of that throatful, she
Should of Proserpina have two eggs free;
And if that she thereafter should be found,
She to a hawthorn hill should be fast bound.